Keeping Perspective Amid the Changing Long-Term Care News

It is a stressful time and the daily blasts and news for long-term care is reportedly not all that positive.  While staying current and taking in all of the news about the pressures for the industry now and among the regulations and citations to come is important and critical to learn from the experience of others, it is also important keep the updates in perspective.

So, how does one stay grounded and informed, yet balance and enjoy what is to be a special time of year?

Some thoughts for the coming days:

  • Take some time for yourself.  Simply begin your day reflecting on all that you have, if needed list a few things.
  • Understand that you do not know what other people are going through, give them a break.
  • Do what you can for others – it ultimately is a gift to yourself.  But, give what you can and let go of the guilt of not doing more.
  • Stay present to whatever it is that you are doing – be in the moment.
  • Enjoy your family and friends – someone may not be on this earth next year.
  • Take time to focus on the meaning of the season, it is much more than we often take the time to think about.
  • Let go of the negative and focus on the positive. No matter how small it may seem, look for the good in every situation at work and with family.
  • Live in gratitude.

Wishing you and those you love a happy, safe and joyful holiday season.


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