About Us

No other disease process impacts an individual’s essential ability to function like memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  Unlike hypertension, diabetes or congestive heart failure, there is no long-term effective treatment, cure or prevention for Alzheimer’s disease and many dementias.  And there are no specific measures to monitor disease progression or compliance with therapy.  Progression of the disease results in greater memory loss, decreased physical function and a need for continuous changes in treatment, medications, care and management.

Despite research on the high costs and distinctive needs of individuals with dementia, few organizations have taken steps to examine their experience or seek experts to create better, more cost-effective approaches.  Current practices in acute and other health care environments fall far short in addressing the common, characteristic requirements of this population.

A lack of knowledge about dementia, unrealistic expectations for compliance and a well-meaning but ineffective employee approach exacerbate problems in hospitals and other environments and, hence, expenses.  Simply telling individuals with dementia to stay in bed, take their medications, dress or eat their meals is fruitless.  It is not that they won’t – they can’t.

As veterans in dementia care, The Gilster Group will work with your organization to identify core problems – and fix them – using proven best practices in dementia care, refined during decades of experience.


What we do

The Gilster Group provides guidance to progressive hospitals, ACOs, managed care and insurance companies, and physician practices that aspire to new and innovative approaches.  Such forward-thinking organizations are ahead of their peers and make for themselves opportunities to be leading experts in their field.

The Gilster Group can help your organization focus on dementia care, generate significant cost savings, and enhance care and satisfaction.  Working together, let us help you with one or more of the following:


Dementia Care Consulting

The Gilster Group develops dementia programs and interventions tailored to the specific needs of each client organization.  Individuals with dementia require a preventative approach, expert care techniques and practices, and proactive discharge planning – all strategies designed to improve quality care and your bottom line.

We create a customized plan for your organization which is designed to address those concerns that directly impact costs and quality of care.  Working together, we will identify the needs of your organization and develop a strategic plan for implementation.  The Gilster Group will then guide you and your organization, step by step, through the implementation process as we improve care and decrease costs.  Research savvy, this team of experts also offers the ability to evaluate the current practice of an organization by design interventions and progress measurements. The Gilster Group ensures effort is being spent in the right areas and determines effectiveness of specific interventions and future direction.

Together, we will use a combination of enhanced awareness, education, coaching and consulting to improve dementia care.  During this process, we will introduce sustainable strategies to allow for:

  • Improved care for individuals with dementia
  • Reduced adverse events, readmissions and costs
  • Improved patient and family satisfaction
  • Increased staff knowledge, satisfaction and retention

By demonstrating the importance and positive outcomes resulting from a different approach to dementia care, we will help engage your patients, families and staff as well as improve organization-wide results (during the acute hospitalization period and post-acute care at home or in other environments).


Culture Change and Organizational Leadership

The Gilster Group consultancy assists executive leadership teams in transforming their health care business through innovative practices in management, morale and patient/resident care.  Transferring leadership skills and best practices, The Gilster Group teaches methods that can save healthcare organizations and physicians millions of dollars by reducing employee turnover, increasing loyalty and dedication to person-centered patient care, strengthening relationships, and increasing overall satisfaction.

Prior to the founding of The Gilster Group, culture change and leadership development, training and consulting were conducted by members of The Gilster Group under the consulting service Susan Gilster and Associates.  Since 2005, Dr. Gilster and members of the current team have worked with health care organizations to enhance leadership skills, promote person-centered care and improve employee retention and overall satisfaction.  Central to this continuing training is proven leadership principles woven together in the proprietary health care practice model known as S.E.R.V.I.C.E.TM, based on many years of research and hands-on experience.  S.E.R.V.I.C.E. is centered on the critical principles of Service, Education, Respect, Vision, Inclusion, Communication and Enrichment.



Members of The Gilster Group are highly regarded speakers at health care conventions and conferences.  National and international presenters, The Gilster Group speakers cover a wide range of topics related to dementia,  including medicine, palliative care, clinical care and pharmaceutical care.  Speakers are also well-versed on culture change, organizational leadership, staff satisfaction and retention, among other topics.

National and international conferences include Alzheimer’s Disease International, American Health Care Association and National Coalition of Assisted Living, American College of Health Care Administrators, Alzheimer’s Association, and the Gerontological Society of America.

Presentations vary from a minimum of one hour to keynote addresses to several days of instructional program content.  Level of involvement is based solely on the needs of our clients.