When a tragedy strikes in long-term care, who is to blame?

Sadly, we read of another tragic death, this time of a woman with memory loss in assisted living. The question will be asked; who is to blame? The staff member assigned to the resident, the staff on the shift, the charge nurse, the administrator, the owner, the corporation? Unfortunate events can and do happen toContinue reading “When a tragedy strikes in long-term care, who is to blame?”

Developing an Exemplary Memory Care Program

Memory care is “trending!”  The need for quality memory care programs is great, and experts predict increasing development of specialized memory care units and facilities.   But do healthcare providers understand what is required for a successful memory care program?  In the book, “A Way of Life: Developing an Exemplary Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Program,” IContinue reading “Developing an Exemplary Memory Care Program”

Help to Protect Seniors from Financial Exploitation

My latest column for The Cincinnati Enquirer and Gannett Newspapers, “Scams on Seniors,” addresses the disturbing trend of financial exploitation of the elderly.   Unfortunately, those taking advantage of our elders are most often those close to them – family, friends, caretakers, neighbors, handymen, etc. Other professionals may take advantage, as well, including bankers, attorneys,Continue reading “Help to Protect Seniors from Financial Exploitation”

Alzheimer’s and Memory Care in Assisted Living

As the baby boomer population increases, so too will the number of people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The current need for quality and true specialized memory care in assisted living is great and is sure to intensify in the future. While many facilities claim to provide special dementia care, that is often not the case.Continue reading “Alzheimer’s and Memory Care in Assisted Living”

Alzheimer’s Disease and Law Enforcement: Training is Needed to Maintain Safety and Dignity

With the increased incidence of Alzheimer’s disease, stories related to people with dementia are gaining notice in the media. Unfortunately, the stories are too often sad and tragic. Indiana lawmakers recently passed a bill mandating training for law enforcement officers. While this is a positive step, the bill was the result of a June, 2012Continue reading “Alzheimer’s Disease and Law Enforcement: Training is Needed to Maintain Safety and Dignity”