Hospitalization, Alzheimer’s and Dementia – Are We Capturing the Numbers?

A recent article entitled, “Do 2 in 5 Hospital Patients Suffer from Dementia?”debates some statistics from the United Kingdom related to hospitalized patients with dementia. The article loosely concluded that anywhere from 25% to 60% of patients may have a diagnosis of some type of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. Wherever the actual number falls –Continue reading “Hospitalization, Alzheimer’s and Dementia – Are We Capturing the Numbers?”

Alzheimer’s Disease and Law Enforcement: Training is Needed to Maintain Safety and Dignity

With the increased incidence of Alzheimer’s disease, stories related to people with dementia are gaining notice in the media. Unfortunately, the stories are too often sad and tragic. Indiana lawmakers recently passed a bill mandating training for law enforcement officers. While this is a positive step, the bill was the result of a June, 2012Continue reading “Alzheimer’s Disease and Law Enforcement: Training is Needed to Maintain Safety and Dignity”

Approach in Alzheimer’s Can Make All the Difference

How you approach a person who has Alzheimer’s disease or dementia will make all the difference. Bob DeMarco of the Alzheimer’s’ Reading Room recently posted a blog on how he believed that greeting his mother with a smile often had a positive influence on how their day would go together. With over 25 years ofContinue reading “Approach in Alzheimer’s Can Make All the Difference”

Fearful of Alzheimer’s Disease or Another Diagnosis?

Susan Gilster is a firm believer that every day is a gift. She has witnessed many families who put off trips, or delayed legal and financial planning, or even failed to address family conflicts and waited until it was too late. Many people state that they would want to know in advance if they wereContinue reading “Fearful of Alzheimer’s Disease or Another Diagnosis?”

A Unique Tribute by Family Affected by Alzheimer’s Disease

Prior to establishing The Gilster Group, Susan Gilster was a founder and Executive Director of the Alois Alzheimer Center, the first facility for people with Alzheimer’s disease in the United States. Recently, the family of a former resident made a unique donation to honor Susan Gilster and the staff of the Alois Alzheimer Center. ReferringContinue reading “A Unique Tribute by Family Affected by Alzheimer’s Disease”

Dr. Susan Gilster Authors Monthly Column for Gannett Newspapers

Following her popular article in The Cincinnati Enquirer, “Taking action while younger may stave off Alzheimer’s, dementia,” Susan Gilster, PhD, has been asked to author a monthly column on healthy living and aging. As a regular contributor, Dr. Gilster’s monthly columns will be syndicated and published in other Gannett publications as well. If you don’tContinue reading “Dr. Susan Gilster Authors Monthly Column for Gannett Newspapers”

The Holiday Season…not always merry and bright

Those of us who work in healthcare dedicate ourselves to serving others – patients, colleagues, staff, and families. For years we have observed – and experienced – the stress that December and the holidays bring to those with whom we work. Outside of work, there is often so much to do, and so little time.Continue reading “The Holiday Season…not always merry and bright”

Reasons to Address Dementia when Exploring Readmission Penalties

Found an interesting article by Kevin Shrake entitled, “Hospital CFOs contemplate ‘play or pay’ with readmission rates.” CMS hospital readmission penalties are currently 1%, and will increase to 3% over the next two years. Much debate exists as to whether the penalties are small enough that hospitals will not be overly concerned with losing aContinue reading “Reasons to Address Dementia when Exploring Readmission Penalties”