Stress, Negativity and Alzheimer’s – Happy New Year!

The start of a new year often brings promises that “this year” you are going to take better care of yourself, relax, eat healthy foods, and eliminate stress.  All of this is good given everything we know about health habits and stress.  And the results of a recent study gives us even more incentive toContinue reading “Stress, Negativity and Alzheimer’s – Happy New Year!”

Why Socialization Matters for Healthy Aging

As we age, life events occur that can change our social circles and our ability to socialize. Yet remaining socially active has been shown to decrease depression and anxiety, reduce the risk of cognitive impairment and improve overall physical health and recovery from illness. My latest monthly column for Gannett Newspapers is entitled, “Developing newContinue reading “Why Socialization Matters for Healthy Aging”

Why Exercise Is Important As We Age

Susan’s latest monthly column for Gannett Newspapers addresses the importance of exercising, particularly as we age.  The column, entitled “Spring into action with easy exercise program,” describes various ways older adults can incorporate exercise into the daily routine. The article addresses four categories of physical activity: endurance, strength, balance and flexibility, and why each areContinue reading “Why Exercise Is Important As We Age”