Customer Service? Not Exactly…

While I’ve written about customer service before, a friend’s recent experience prompts me to write again.  My friend, Amy, was asked to help find a facility for a relative with memory loss.  This relative had been diagnosed with dementia some years ago and needed more care than could be provided at home. Amy spent countlessContinue reading “Customer Service? Not Exactly…”

Alzheimer’s and Joy – No Surprise to Me

The title of a recent column caught my eye and perhaps yours as well.  The column was entitled, “Alzheimer’s and joy, an unlikely couple.”  I was a bit surprised by the author’s perspective, but perhaps I shouldn’t have been.  Many people believe only what is written about people with dementia, which is often the negativeContinue reading “Alzheimer’s and Joy – No Surprise to Me”

Stress, Negativity and Alzheimer’s – Happy New Year!

The start of a new year often brings promises that “this year” you are going to take better care of yourself, relax, eat healthy foods, and eliminate stress.  All of this is good given everything we know about health habits and stress.  And the results of a recent study gives us even more incentive toContinue reading “Stress, Negativity and Alzheimer’s – Happy New Year!”

CMS Regulations, Dementia Care and More: American College of Health Care Administrators Winter Conference

Annual conferences are an opportunity to stay abreast of changes in the industry and creative programs to enhance practice and outcomes in long term care.  It is an opportunity to meet other colleagues in the industry who can serve as future resources and mentors.  This year’s ACHCA Winter Marketplace will be hosted at Bally’s inContinue reading “CMS Regulations, Dementia Care and More: American College of Health Care Administrators Winter Conference”

Memory Care Programs – Misleading Advertising Leads to Lawsuits

Why Staff Training is a Must Memory care providers take note – misleading memory care advertising is becoming a focus for a number of advocates and state executives who are now pursuing (and suing) facilities who promise well trained staff and specialized memory care programs, yet are not delivering as promised. Most, if not allContinue reading “Memory Care Programs – Misleading Advertising Leads to Lawsuits”

CMS Regulations and Person-Centered Dementia Care: Are You Ready?

Change is coming. CMS has introduced multiple changes to nursing home regulations that will impact the industry, especially those facilities providing dementia care. Even though the comment period was extended, organizations need to take these potential changes seriously and begin to implement strategies and programs now. Doing so will not be quick or easy. ItContinue reading “CMS Regulations and Person-Centered Dementia Care: Are You Ready?”

Communication, Inclusion Benefit Staff Satisfaction and Turnover

Much has been written about common themes that are important to staff, as found in numerous staff satisfaction surveys. Most themes relate to being respected and heard, included in daily operations and decisions, and appreciated. All are such simple and basic requirements, and all can be addressed if administrators and managers create a culture byContinue reading “Communication, Inclusion Benefit Staff Satisfaction and Turnover”

Looking Forward To The Alzheimer’s Association International Conference Next Week

I will have the pleasure of sharing my expertise in Washington, DC next week at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC), where I will present “Leadership Model Key to Developing a Successful, Person-Centered Memory Care Workforce,” and “Planning for Success: A Model for Guiding and Supporting Families in Long-Term Care.” More than 5,000 attendees fromContinue reading “Looking Forward To The Alzheimer’s Association International Conference Next Week”

Education and Training in Health Care: What Happens When the “Trainers” Leave?

A recent article discussed the importance and outcomes of training staff on dealing with dementia-related behavioral disturbances. Outcomes of a six-week training program for a select interdisciplinary group (trainees), but not all staff, saw a reduction in antipsychotic utilization. Results also indicated that those trained were more comfortable with non-aggressive behaviors, though some remained uncomfortableContinue reading “Education and Training in Health Care: What Happens When the “Trainers” Leave?”

When a tragedy strikes in long-term care, who is to blame?

Sadly, we read of another tragic death, this time of a woman with memory loss in assisted living. The question will be asked; who is to blame? The staff member assigned to the resident, the staff on the shift, the charge nurse, the administrator, the owner, the corporation? Unfortunate events can and do happen toContinue reading “When a tragedy strikes in long-term care, who is to blame?”