Focus on Workforce Retention, 2019 Dementia Recommendations: American College of Health Care Administrators Annual Convocation

I am excited to see many of you at the upcoming American College of Health Care Administrators Annual Convocation in Louisville, Kentucky.  I’ll be presenting two sessions this year on workforce, including “Workforce Retention:  The Key to Quality, Compliance and Satisfaction,” as well as “National Dementia Care Practice Recommendations: Developing a Competent Person-Centered Care Workforce.”

We will discuss how staff retention is essential for quality care, regulatory compliance, and how all new regulations and goals are impacted by staff stability including reimbursement, regulatory compliance, customer satisfaction, person-centered dementia care, hospitalization and readmission.  I’ll also present the new workforce recommendations from the Alzheimer’s Association 2018 Dementia Care Practice Recommendations, which are based on a review of current national and international workforce research. 

Despite costs involved in staff turnover, many leaders continue to “throw darts,” using single programs or initiatives, yet a truly stable staff, ongoing regulatory compliance and financial success is found in organizations that have created and implemented a sustainable organizational strategy.  

Click HERE to register or to learn more on scheduling of events for the conference.

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