How To Fail at Everything in Life

While I recently wrote about choosing to be a “complainer” in your work or choosing to be proactive, I simply have to share with you some wisdom passed along to me from an 18 year old man.  Why an 18 year old would pay attention to something like this is beyond me, but I guess it shows what an exceptional young man he is.

It was an inspiration to me and hopefully to others.  I regret that I do not know the author, but I believe sharing it with others in this day and age just seems to be necessary.

3 Ways to Fail at Everything in Life:

  1. Blame all of your problems on others
  2. Complain about everything
  3. Not be grateful

I have now posted this in my office so that I can see it every day when working at my desk, along with some other reminders that life is short and special – and that we always have a choice.



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