Help to Protect Seniors from Financial Exploitation

My latest column for The Cincinnati Enquirer and Gannett Newspapers, “Scams on Seniors,” addresses the disturbing trend of financial exploitation of the elderly.


Unfortunately, those taking advantage of our elders are most often those close to them – family, friends, caretakers, neighbors, handymen, etc. Other professionals may take advantage, as well, including bankers, attorneys, insurance agents and financial advisors. And technology has provided another technique to reach seniors, allowing strangers to scam money through phone calls and e-mails. Of course, the risk for financial exploitation increases for those with memory or cognitive impairment.


Be aware that seniors are much less likely to report financial abuse than victims of other crimes. They may be embarrassed or feel guilt. They may fear that their family will deem them incompetent or unable to live alone and handle their own affairs.


For signs to be aware of as well as some tips to help protect our seniors, find the article HERE.

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