A Framework for Implementing an Exemplary Dementia Program

I recently had the privilege of conducting a two-part workshop entitled, “A Way of Life: Developing an Exemplary Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Program.” Both workshops were made possible through a grant from Healthcare Research, Inc., in partnership with the GHCA and Alzheimer’s Association. Sessions were held at the Georgia Healthcare Association’s office in Stockbridge, GA.

The purpose of the program was to introduce a framework for implementing an exemplary dementia program into a facility, and to assist the participants in creating an action plan to implement at least one strategy to begin or enhance their dementia programs.

The workshop was closed out at 80, with a waiting list. Participants in attendance included all disciplines – from Administrators to direct care providers such as CNA’s and activity personnel.

The first day was an introduction of organizational framework entitled “SERVICE,” and included real life examples of implementation strategies and outcomes. The group then broke up into smaller groups who each identified an area that was most concerning for them. Participants then established an action plan to implement in their own facility over the next month. Expectations included reporting their experience back to the group including barriers and successes the following month during day two.

Over the next several posts I will share the process of this seminar, including the impressive results achieved by the wonderful attendees.

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