Creating an Environment to Enhance Staff Satisfaction

I recently read the 2013 National Research Report, “Empowering Customer-Centric Healthcare” from the National Research Corp. The information included reminded me of a column on staff satisfaction from Long-Term Living Magazine I authored a few years ago. The desires of staff outlined in “What we know about staff satisfaction,” and while a few years old, the same desires of staff haven’t changed.

For years researchers surveyed staff about what was important in their work, and for years staff would tell us that pay was not at the top of the list. But employers continued to focus on money and benefits. Leaders attempted to recruit and retain staff with higher salaries, sign-on bonuses, attendance bonuses and other incentives such as employee of the month.

What was missing – and what I hope is finally changing – is that leaders are recognizing that the non-tangibles are important to retaining satisfied and loyal staff.

Want to improve your staff turnover? Focus on respect, appreciation, and meaningful work with the opportunity to serve others. Develop this environment by providing education, involvement, communication, and caring leadership.

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