Prevalence of Dementia to Increase in Long-Term Care

For years we have been sharing this and encouraging organizations to prepare and learn how to further elevate care for persons with dementia and their families.

Yes, long-term care will continue to provide acute and increasingly complex skilled care and rehabilitation. However, according to “World Alzheimer’s Report 2013,” currently 80% of facility residents have dementia. This statistic is not likely to decrease in the future.

We must address the lack of staff education, program development and quality care for people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in assisted living and long-term care facilities. Rarely do I talk with a staff member – from nursing assistants to administrators who work in all areas of long term care including home care, assisted living, and skilled care – who don’t admit that the care for individuals with dementia in most environments is lacking. Improvement is needed in all areas, including acute care.

The benefits of a focused dementia care program are numerous. Dementia expertise will affect not only the person with dementia, but will also result more satisfied and happy families and employees.

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