Educating Assisted Living Administrators on Person-Centered Care and Alzheimer’s Disease

I had the pleasure of presenting two sessions to the first class of the “Certified Executive for Assisted Living: The Seal of Assisted Living Leadership in Ohio.” Both sessions, “Person-Centered Care” and “Caring for Persons with Dementia,” were included in the curriculum of the training course designed and sponsored by The Ohio Center for Assisted Living (OCAL), the assisted living affiliate of the Ohio Health Care Association.

CEAL is a comprehensive certification program designed to elevate the skills and professionalism of assisted living administrators in Ohio by providing a national certification along with Ohio’s most comprehensive state-specific training.

Attendees were enthusiastic and eager to discuss both topics. Much of the discussion focused on the leader’s role in creating change. Change does not happen overnight, however positive effects of a comprehensive program can be seen in just a few months. Participants did acknowledge that one hurdle in moving to more person-centered care model is staff hesitation. Staff are truly hesitant based on the fact they frequently see new initiatives come and go without being implemented or sustained, and often think this is simply another program that will not last.

The training will be offered again in November and December. For more information, see


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