Culture Change: How to Truly Change a Culture

We often hear about culture change – in health care as well as other industries. The book “Changing Culture, Changing Care: SERVICE First,” is my perspective on how to successfully change the culture in health care businesses. If you know me, you will not be surprised that the key to culture changes rests with leadership.

The book describes a model of culture change to guide leaders, and includes service, education, respect, vision, inclusion, communication, and enrichment.

It won’t take long to see noticeable changes in your culture – in fact, some of our research shows significant change as early as 3 months. You will experience substantial savings in staff turnover and retention to go along with increased staff and resident satisfaction.

While changing the culture can seem overwhelming and next to impossible, it truly can be achieved with a dedicated and well thought out plan for change – it’s worth the time and effort involved and truly beneficial to both residents and the staff.

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