Dr. Susan Gilster Selected as One of 13 Women to Watch in 2013

Susan Gilster was recognized as one of “13 Business Women to Watch in 2013” by The Cincinnati Enquirer. Dr. Gilster was chosen because of her pioneering work in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Those honored are professional women who have achieved notable success in their fields and who are expected to make notable contributions in the future. Nominees were selected based on their experience and business focus for the coming year.

Dr. Gilster recently started The Gilster Group, a multidisciplinary collaborative of experts in memory loss and dementia who provide education, training and consulting to hospitals, managed care organizations, physician practices and other health care providers. In addition, recognizing the impact of this disease on the business community, The Gilster Group assists large companies by providing education and consultation for their employees, as well as their clients.

Driven by her passion to improve care, support families and significant cost savings, she is determined to “…put memory loss, Alzheimer’s and dementia on the radar of every health care leader and business CEO in Cincinnati and beyond.”

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