Is Alzheimer’s Affecting Your Workplace?

Andrea Kay writes a wonderful column for USA Today, and recently addressed how Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are affecting the workplace in, “At Work: Dementia affects companies.”

Few employers understand the impact that Alzheimer’s disease and dementia has on the workplace, as employees struggle with a parent, spouse or friend who is showing signs of dementia. Caregiving thereafter forces them to miss time at work, leave early, forgo promotions and struggle with their own health needs as caregivers. Over 30% of caregivers for persons with dementia are 45-60 years old and often employees who are in leadership and management positions. Other employees are age 30-45 – or 30% – who are often the “rising stars” in a company. When caregiving duties require these important employees to be away from their position or job tasks to attend to a relative with dementia – sometimes for weeks – not only do they suffer but so, too, does the business or organization.

Few professionals understand the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and the ripple effects felt by their families and caregivers who are your employees – but we do. The Gilster Group can provide education, support, and consultation to your employees, helping them cope and coordinate care, and allowing them to focus on their responsibilities to your company.

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