Alzheimer’s Disease: Increasing Numbers and Costs for the Future, and How We Can Help

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia is once again in the news this week, with a new study in the journal Neurology estimating that the number of people with Alzheimer’s disease is anticipated to reach 13.8 million by 2050. In turn, the costs in caring for the population will skyrocket.

A great deal of focus is now directed at the increasing costs associated with the disease, as well as the research and development of pharmaceutical treatments and potential cures. While it is important to invest in future research for new treatments and cures for dementia, what about those suffering now?

Through the years, I have encountered many families who shared heartbreaking stories of painful experiences with a loved one with dementia in health care settings. After successfully providing person-centered, compassionate care for decades, I know it doesn’t have to be this way. My desire is to change that experience by coaching and consulting with health care professionals to deliver safe, dignified and compassionate care for the patient and to provide the information and support desperately needed by their families.

As someone with over 25 years of daily “hands-on” experience, I know it is possible create a unique, dementia-specific program to deliver true, specialized care for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. The Gilster Group is a multidisciplinary collaboration of experts in memory loss and dementia which provides education, training and consulting to health care providers. We recognize the urgent need to enhance care for individuals with dementia and their families and reduce medical costs. And while waiting for a treatment or cure, we need to focus on those who need help – now .

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