The Holiday Season…not always merry and bright

Those of us who work in healthcare dedicate ourselves to serving others – patients, colleagues, staff, and families. For years we have observed – and experienced – the stress that December and the holidays bring to those with whom we work. Outside of work, there is often so much to do, and so little time.

In a 2010 column by Susan Gilster and Jennifer Dalessandro in Long-Term Living Magazine called, “Ask the Staffing Experts,” we addressed the need to acknowledge that the holidays aren’t always merry and bright. We also offered suggestions to help you and your colleagues embrace the true meaning of this time of year by concentrating on your blessings and sharing the holiday spirit with others.

The column is entitled, “Brightening this holiday season for your staff.” But the subtitle is actually more appropriate – “Don’t let the holidays drag anyone down.”

The holiday season may be a time of stress and worry, but it should also be a time of appreciation, joy, and fun. And you can help to make it that way—at least at work!

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