Taking Action to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia

Susan Gilster, PhD, authored, “Taking action while younger may stave off Alzheimer’s, dementia,” for the Cincinnati Enquirer. The article, recognizing November as Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, explains that while Alzheimer’s disease and dementia were once thought to be simply diseases of the very old, evidence now suggests the dementia-disease process begins much earlier than symptoms appear or a diagnosis is made – in fact, research indicates it begins years or perhaps decades earlier.
During the past 15 years researchers have found many links between Alzheimer’s disease/dementia and such common diseases as diabetes, obesity, hypertension and vascular diseases. Experts also believe medical management of those general diseases very well may decrease the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. How do younger and older people alike prevent these diseases and possibly decrease Alzheimer’s disease and dementia? The answer is fairly simple. Control or manage your lifestyle as you would to prevent cardiovascular issues, diabetes and obesity.

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